We provide opportunity for personal and spiritual growth with retreat sessions that free, encourage, uplift, and strengthen our team members. In addition, we provide many and varied opportunities for service to the Haitian people. This combination is transforming, for us, for them.


Many conferences and retreats offer just words. Many mission trips are focused on deeds. Full Life Haiti offers the best of both. We believe that this is the secret to true spiritual growth: Hearing the word, and then doing what it says. Come with us. You will never be the same.


Bryan and Lisa Bartow have been leading teams to Haiti for over 25 years, almost as long as they've been married, following in the footsteps of Lisa's late parents, who did the same for 30 years. Lisa's grandfather, Pastor George Clérié, was a native Haitian (as was her mother, Primrose). He preached the gospel in the remote regions in and around Jeremie in the the Grand Anse province. Many churches were founded in remote mountain regions as a result of his
ministry. When we take teams, we go to visit and encourage these people: our physical and spiritual family.


Bryan and Lisa have traveled to dozens of countries and led short-term mission teams into India, Kenya, China, Costa Rica, and Haiti. They have been youth leaders and worship leaders for over 20 years, and have spoken at conferences, schools and churches since the 1980's. Bryan is a licensed minister of the gospel through Full Life Crusade and studied Mass Communications at Taylor University. Lisa also has her B.A. in Mass Comm. from Taylor.


The Bartows' work is dedicated to encouraging the Haitian people through the teams they take, while also offering a healing and revitalizing experience for the team members as individuals. We equip our teams, through intensive one-on-one ministry, with the rare ability to connect on a deeper level with the Haitian people."



Bryan and Lisa have raised four children, who all continue to be involved in Full Life Haiti. When not in the mountains of Haiti, they live in the mountains of upstate New York.




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