April 2016:



Thank you for your prayers and support for the people of Haiti! Bryan Bartow reports back from his trip in January:


When Lisa and I were seniors at Taylor University, we were approached by one of our department professors, Dr. Tim Kirkpatrick, about going to Port au Prince to fulfill our practicum requirement.  He knew of Lisa's family connection to the country and thought that working for Radio Lumiere in Port au Prince for a month would be right up our alley.  Lisa was ecstatic at the idea, and being a newlywed, I was happy that she was happy.


Off we went.  This was my first taste of Haiti, and I was not impressed. By the end of that month, I was certain I would never return.  She was disappointed as well, and assured me that this was NOT the Haiti she had grown up with and loved. She was right.


It would be another five years before we would return, this time with a team from our home in Warsaw, Indiana.  Neither of us spoke Creole, and we were not prepared for the many trials we encountered with that first team.  After that experience, I was certain I'd never lead another team to Haiti again.


Since then we've led over 25 teams to Haiti.  On our recent trip, one of the members, Chad Omdahl - who has been there with us four times - asked who my favorite team was.  And I responded, "This one!"  He laughed and said I say that every time! I guess I do say that every time.  There is no insincerity in that response.  Every mission brings new people, new experiences, new excitement, renewed purpose, and powerful moves of the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes there are blatant miracles, sometimes team members or Haitians get saved for the first time, filled with the Holy Spirit, or healed emotionally or physically.  We never know what God will do!   Who wouldn't want to go just to find out what God will do?!


The current team spent time loving on orphans and widows, visiting people in their homes, singing and praying for them, and praying over the sick and injured in the local hospital.  They attended local church services, worshiping and praying with the believers there.


Every morning after breakfast we spent one to two hours studying the Word, and every evening after dinner, we spent time praying and sharing the day’s experiences.  One evening, the Lord spoke to us in a way that transformed several in the group. Tears and joy abounded as each one shared her heart, and allowed the Holy Spirit to minister healing.  We rejoiced together and praised the Lord of Heaven’s Armies for what He had done and was doing in all of us.


Want more stories?  Want more of God?  Want to be healed?  You’ll just have to come with us and see for yourself.  Perhaps you went years ago with Wes.  Perhaps you’ve gone to other countries with other missions.  Perhaps you’re just scared to death to go at all..  Come with us!  “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”  There’s no substitute for being there.  We love Haiti.  We love her people. We love what God does through our teams and what Haiti and God do to our teams.


Stay tuned for scheduled trips, or schedule your own!  Call us and we’ll plan a trip for you and your church or youth group.  You’ll never be the same.


Thank you so much for your donations! Bryan was able to leave $2,000 with the church in Jeremie for the convention, and $1,000 with the Four Square orphanage. He also bought 30 prescriptions for medicine at the hospital, and helped several Haitians in starting small businesses.


Bryan Bartow returned to Haiti again in March, this time with Konda’s husband Bryan Koorey. They led a one-week seminary which was attended by 32 pastors, followed by the annual convention.



January 2016




We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year! We have certainly been blessed by your faithfulness and generosity throughout the years.


Today (January 5), Bryan Bartow and his daughter Kate left for Haiti, leading another mission team--five people from Gaylord, Michigan, and two from North Dakota.


What will they be doing in Haiti? Bryan says: “We’ll go to two or three orphanages to visit kids and just love on ‘em. We’ll also go to the hospital to lay hands on and pray for everyone in it. We will also visit homes and pray and sing for the people there; preach and participate in the Jérémie church and in an outstation church service; and get the feel of a Third World country for the first-timers. I will also be in meetings with the church leaders.” Bryan and the team ask for your prayers.


Another matter of prayer is our communication with Pastor Pradhan in India. Wesley had asked us to take care of Pastor Pradhan, so all memorial gifts have been designated for Pradhan and his churches. We have written and called him multiple times, but have not been able to make contact. Now that it’s been several months, we’re asking you to join us in praying that we will make contact soon and be able to securely pass on the memorial donations to him. His last letter to us indicated that he didn’t even know Dad had died! Thank you for your prayers.



October 2015


Dear Partner,


Thank you for your donations this month!


Since last month, Full Life Crusade has given $2,000 for printing Bibles inside China through a trusted contact. At only $1.80 per Bible to print and deliver, this donation will allow over 1,000 Chinese Christians to have a Bible. Because of the continuing rapid growth of the church in China, there is still a great need for Bibles. Thank you for your generosity in helping to meet this need!


Although FLC is not leading Bible couriers to China at this time, our friend Wendell Martin would be happy to take you in January or May of 2016. For more information: http://goforthinjesus.name/?page_id=85


About two years ago, Dad (Wesley Smith) began sponsoring a little girl named Diksha at the Ankoor Children’s Home in India. Full Life Crusade is continuing to support her. She receives a secure Christian home with 90 other children, education, three hot meals a day, clothing, and medical care. I met her personally, and she is a sweetheart!





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